How to enter the KitterLitter group?


”We” started out being ”me”…now we are 7 people!! And we would love to have you join us!!!


You can be a part of if you are a creative person, trying to make a living from your creativity and don’t have the possibility to get a web shop of your own.

These are the main things about us, if you want to learn more and become part of this, just feel free to connect with me by the mail address below…

We ask of you;

You are a creative woman trying to support your family by your art and crafts.

You are for some reason not able to make/have/run your own web shop.

You want to be part of a bigger group, where we support each other.

You will add the link to on your pages and shares on facebook or other social medias you use.

You are willing to donate 4 of your creations, over the year, to an auction supporting street kids. These donations can be anything, as long as they are created by you!

You are willing to send your items and have your postage refunded and your payment come out, after customers have received the packet.

You are willing to put your loyalty in to the group and have understanding for the fact, that things take time and we are not all going to be millionaires in a week…but maybe, we will make a living for ourselves in the end, if we stick together and support each other.

We offer:

Showing your items in the web shop in your own group by your first name.

Rotating updates with your items on Kitterlitter facebook and Pinterest . (More pages will be added!)

You can leave the group at any time, but have to give 10 days warning, for us to remove your things from the shop.

You are free to sell the items shown on display in the web shop, from your daily shop, but you have to give notice to the webmaster at the best ASAP or within 4 hours after the sale.

You can connect and donate some of your items to the auction for the Street Kids Day Center in Skopje or you can find your own private project for kids in the area you live, to support. You just inform us of the project and connect us to it. If your donated item is sold, we send the money to the project in your name/

If you want to donate an item to the auction without being a member of the group, you can do that. But only for the Street kids in Skopje, not for your own chosen project. You can contact me on to learn more about this or fill out our contact form.

Costs to connect to

Sales from shop: 20% provision on every transaction to cover the costs to run the webshop.
Annual subscription: 10 euros (for the members subscribing from the 1st of May). Paying through paypal only.


Let the thingying go on …and on… and on


  1. Anneliese Nicoara
    Anneliese Nicoara
    at //Reply


    My name is Anneliese Nicoara and I would be honored to be received in your group.
    I do not have a website;the only shop I have is on Etsy,but competition is very high and
    in 2 years I had just 10 sales.
    I have read and agree to conditions.
    Thanks for your the invitation

    Anneliese Nicoara

  2. Kath Baker
    Kath Baker
    at //Reply

    Not for me at the moment 🙁 but what a fantastic idea!!!!!!

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